Anxiety Essential Oils

by Alex Wright

Anxiety Essential Oils

Anxiety essential oils are probably the most sought after essential oils. Some of anxiety essential oils will overlap with the depression essential oils, such as our first one here.


There is strong evidence to indicate Lavender is an effective anxiety essential oil.

Lavender Study

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Thyme may decrease anxiety more effectively on those who are brain-fatigued. 

Thyme Study

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Cinnamon Leaf

Cinnamon Leaf may increase alertness, decrease frustration, and reduce anxiety and fatigue.

Cinnamon Leaf Study

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Coriander has very promising research. In mice, it had similar effects as Valium!

Coriander Study

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Bergamot Orange

Bergamot Orange may improve positive feelings.

Bergamot Orange Study

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Chamomile works.

Chamomile Study

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Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang may lower blood pressure and relieve depression, in addition to its anxiolytic effects.

Ylang Ylang Study

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Very impressive findings! Rose may decrease blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, cortisol levels, and blood oxygen levels, as well as reduce anxiety and improve mood. 

Rose Study

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